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#33 Teamsdagen (Teams Day)

We attended the very first edition of #Teamsdagen (Microsoft Teams day) conference here in Stockholm and we summarize our impressions from this event. We meet two of the organizers, Mårten Hellebro and Amanda Sterner and you will hear their story about how this idea came up and how organizing this conference has been.

Two of the speakers guest the show: Pia Langenkrans, who had a very entertaining session about when to use what and the importance of good governance in Teams, and Magnus Sandtorv, who held a session about Security & Compliance  in Teams. Super interesting sessions and interviews! 

Find their links/bios/contact below.

Info about the event is found on teamsdagen.se

Mårten Hellebro (MVP, Organizer of the event) Twitter: @MartenHellebro Podcast: https://www.teamspodden.se/
Amanda Sterner (MVP, Organizer of the event) Twitter: @Amandassterner Blog: https://www.amandasterner.com/
Pia Langenkrans (SP and Teams freelancer, Speaker) Twitter: @zellery_se http://www.cloud476.com/
Magnus Sandtorv (MVP, Speaker) Twitter: @magnus_sandtorv Blog: https://teams.rocks/

Link to the Teamsdagen Keynote: http://www.teamsdagen.se/live/

Link to episode where we interview D’arce Hess and more from SharePoint Saturday last year: https://witgirlspodcast.podbean.com/e/27-sharepoint-saturday-stockholm/

Thank you for listening! Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe and Christina @bananisen

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#32 Sharing is daring

What is that about? Listen and you will find out 😉 Other than that we discuss our current projects like PowerApps apps, naming policys in AD, deleting your root site by accident (oops), custom search results, sensitivity labels and more. Of course we share some of the latest news from SharePoint, Teams and the Office 365 world also.

Thank you for listening, cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe and Christina @bananisen ❤️

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#31 Search for Balance

A New Year, a New Decade and a New Podcast episode! We talk about how our work has changed during the last decade and what to expect from the next one. Discussions about customer relationships, work 4 or 5 days, how human interaction and finding a balance in life is important. As usual we share our current projects, challenges and some of the latest news from SharePoint and Office 365. 

The blog post on SharePointBabe.com that we mention: 

Thank you for listening!

Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe and Christina @bananisen

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#30 ESPC19

We have attended the European SharePoint Conference held in Prague this December. We love this conference! And it’s a heavy focus on SharePoint, which is close to our hearts
Lise debuted as a community reporter and was nominated for an award that she later did not win… sucks, but anyway, so cool to be a finalist and congratulations to Dux who won!
Thank you to all crew at #ESPC for a fantastic week in Prague!! Our heads are full of new information and knowledge and our hearts are warm from all the people we met and had fun with!First part is Lise reporting on some of the sessions she attended
Middle part, 17 minutes into the show, is Lise & Christina doing a wrap up in Prague
Last part, 23 mins into the show, we are having an open, warm and super interesting conversation with wonderful Heather Newman from podcast “Mavens do it better”, she is an MVP and founder of Creative Maven and Content Panda! Thank you so much for being a guest, we love talking to you!

Cheers from Lise (@SharePointBabe) & Christina (@Bananisen)

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#29 Ignite my Fire

Lise is a finalist in the ESPC19 Awards for Best Community Contribution and is just a liiittle bit excited over that 🙂

Topics are: What has happened since the last time we talked on the podcast? Christinas project mentioned in the Intrazone podcast [2:50] SharePoint news from Ignite [23:50]
Home Sites, Hub sites, Audience targeted mega menu and more. Project Cortex [35:03]. Teams Private Channels [38:10]. ESPC [41:01]

And last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to awesome Mathias Forslund who has made our new hot podcast cover! We love it! ❤️