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#46 Corinna Lins

I love meeting new people and Corinna is a person who I did not know before this interview. It turns out we have a very similar background and profile! It’s always interesting to hear how other people in this community works and deals with the same challenges and possibilities in the Microsoft 365 world as yourself. So meet Corinna Lins from Germany, contact info below.

Cheers from Lise


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#45 Jonathan Björkman

Jonathan Björkman is a trainee at Forefront Consulting, the company I also work for and we have worked together on a PowerApps project. His passion is how to make organizations more efficient and doing so by leveraging their digital adaption. In his daily work he always strive to share new insights about how to use PowerApps beyond the PoC stage and generate value throughout the organization.Hear how he ended up in the IT business working with the Power Platform, what it means to be a trainee and what his goals for the future are. Very interesting and insightful talk with him, I love to work with young people, they give me so much energy and inspiration!

Info about Jonathan:


Forefront Consulting

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#44 Ulrika Hedlund

In this episode I talk to Ulrika Hedlund, the CEO of Storyals and Business Productivity. A super interesting talk about living in Dubai, the Covid-19 situation there and how it has affected our way of working. We also discuss news from Ignite, smart ways of working with Teams, and more. 

Ulrika is nominated as a Microsoft Regional Director, hear all about that is in this interview. 

Ulrika is one of the speakers at Teamsdagen (Teamsday) that is happening on the 14th of October, link to the online conference in show notes. I look forward to watch her session there!

Cheers from Lise


Ulrika Hedlund on LinkedIn



Teamsdagen (Teams day 14 October)

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#43 April Dunnam

I am so happy and excited to have April Dunnam as a guest on the show! She is a Partner Technical Architect at Microsoft and Power Apps/Power Automate MVP. I have watched her YouTube videos on how to build PowerApps and they have helped me a lot! So make sure you subscribe to her channel if you are into PowerApps, link is found below.

The main topic is PowerApps and we talk about development of apps, how to get started building an app, PA news from Ignite like Project Oakdale and more exciting things. Super interesting conversation and I learned a lot during this interview! April is a very cool and inspirational WIT (WomanInTech) ?

To find out more info about April, see links below.


April’s Blog


April Dunnam YouTube channel


Poweraddicts YouTube channel


PowerApps forum (Business apps community)


April Dunnam Linked In

PowerApps training app


Template Tuesday

TeamsFest 7th October

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#42 Solo

Unfortunately my friend and co-host Christina Gibson has decided to quit from the podcast ?. I understand her and feel sad about that, she has been a great co-host but it you feel that it takes too much time it’s the right thing to do!

Now I’m on the hunt for a new co-host! Would you feel like it or do you have a tip on someone who might want to join me to talking Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams and more? Then send me an email on witgirlspod@gmail.com and let’s discuss!

In this episode I share my current projects, tips and news from the Microsoft 365 world.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe

Links mentioned:

Teamsdagen (Teams Day) https://www.teamsdagen.se/ 

Untappd Beer App (search for it in your app store)

Shane Young PowerApps tutorials https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_OGRP8BYvtGB8eZdPG6Ng 

April Dunnam PowerApps tutorials  https://www.youtube.com/user/apeyd41686 

Contact info:

Lise Rasmussen @sharepointbabe (Twitter & Instagram)