#39 Pia Langenkrans

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#39 Pia Langenkrans

Meet Pia Langenkrans, that we met on the  27th of May and she is an adoption expert who we also interviewed in this podcast on epsiode 33 after she had her session on Teamsdagen (Teams day) in March here in Stockholm. There she met Ulrika Hedlund from Storyals, a meeting that turned into a Love-Storyal 😉 Here more about that, and what Storyals is.


Pia Langenkrans https://www.linkedin.com/in/pialangenkrans/

Cloud 476 http://www.cloud476.com/

Storyals https://storyals.com/

Ulrika Hedlund https://storyals.com/blog

Office 365 podden (in Swedish) https://warnolf.podbean.com/

Nigel Frank https://www.nigelfrank.com/

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