#36 Beautiful lists and News

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#36 Beautiful lists and News

A lot of news has been released lately and it’s all about the looks! News like the modern term store, view formatting options or the new app Microsoft Lists all are both smart, easy to use and most of all – they look beautiful 😉 We discuss current projects, certifications, WFH and the upcoming GlobalCon2 organized by Collab365.

Register for GlobalCon2, the free online M365 conference on 15-19 June here.

Get the All-Access-Pass for lifetime long access to sessions and material here.

Link to MS-700 study guide here.

Link to Vlad Catrinescu’s MS-700 guide here.

Follow us on Instagram @witgirlspod to see our city walk pictures. Cover picture taken by Jenny, is of Lise & Christina at beautiful Kungsholmen. 

Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe and Christina @bananisen

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