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#50 Agnes Molnar

In this first episode of 2021 you will hear some of the latest news from SharePoint & Teams as usual. Then follows an interview with search expert Agnes Molnar who shares her expertise and experience from working with search. What she doesn’t know about search is not worth knowing! I learned so much from talking to Agnes about:

  • How to optimize search online/onprem
  • SharePoint Syntex
  • PnP Modern Search
  • PowerShell and more!

An interview packed with knowledge! So hey, if you want to learn about search – listen to this episode!

Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe


Agnes Molnar, MVP, Microsoft Regional Director and founder of SearchExplained 



Configure modern search result

Event-driven crawl schedule

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#49 Power Virtual Agents

In this last episode for the year I share some news about SharePoint and Teams. Then I dive into how to build a chat bot using Power Virtual Agents. 

Thank you so much for listening to my podcast, during this year I have had listeners from 48 countries!! That is just awesome, so thank you all listeners <3

I wish you all Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Cheers from your host Lise Rasmussen


Power Virtual Agents



RunAsRadio Podcast


BL Metal Podcast

B. L. Metal Podcast

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#48 Joanne Klein

I’m so happy to have Joanne Klein on the show and she is well known in our community! Joanne shares her experience from working with retention policies, sensitivity labels and records management. What are the challenges and what roles are involved in making those decisions? Are companies aware of the rules and regulations for storing and deleting data? How long should we keep chats and conversations in Teams? How has information architecture changed since Teams arrived? Lots of questions that she answers! She also explains what SharePoint Syntex is and how it can be used. A super interesting interview and lots of things to learn when listening to Joanne.

Cheers from Lise


RunAs Radio podcast hosted by Richard Campbell where Lise was a guest


Joanne’s Blog:


Microsoft 365 Collaboration conference:

Read about SharePoint Syntex:


Joanne’s Bio

Joanne is an independent consultant and founder of NexNovus, a Microsoft 365 Consulting company, and a 4-time Microsoft MVP in Office Apps & Services. She works with Microsoft customers across all industry verticals on their Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and services, specifically SharePoint, and shares her boots-on-the-ground knowledge and experience with them based on her hard-fought, real-world lessons. One of her specialties is SharePoint site and information architecture and helping customers move from the classic to modern world.

A key area of focus for Joanne is the Microsoft 365 suite of tools built to help organizations protect, retain, and secure their unstructured content now being produced at an exponential rate. This is an important shift for organizations and their information workers to make in today’s modern digital workplace. She has substantial practical experience in Microsoft 365 working with customers to help them make this crucial shift.

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#47 Dataverse for Teams

In this episode I am sharing some news in SharePoint and Teams. And the last part is all about the new Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, what is that and how can you use it?

Topics in the episode:

New web parts

Site asset libraries

Site headers and theme generator

Pin SharePoint objects in Teams

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Office 365 podden by Mats Warnolf, in which I will be a guest on in two weeks


SharePoint theme generator


About Dataverse